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Sheronda Barksdale's Moving Forward!

Written by  R. Trent



The Path to Wholeness...


The Path to Your Path is a journey to wholeness. Many of us have been through traumatic life experiences which can create a negative view of self. This negative view then affects the way we view life, and we have difficulty reaching the ultimate vision we have for our future.  Sheronda L. Barksdale, an author, entrepreneur, life empowerment coach, and speaker. Specializes in spiritual and personal growth, stress management, time management, relationship coaching and motivation for teens and adult women. Guiding those who have gone through traumatic experiences that are creating difficulties with moving on with their lives.  

Sheronda graduated from Atlanta Metropolitan College with High Honors in 2009 with associate degrees in Sociology and Business Administration. She then graduated in 2011 from Atlanta Christian College (now known as Point University) with High Honors with a Bachelor's degree in Counseling and Human Services.



After being strengthened through many traumatic life experiences, from sexual assaults, to her 1-year-old suffering a traumatic brain injury, Sheronda uses her strengths to encourage others to be empowered by their pain. Mrs. Barksdale's most recent contribution to her work as an author is her book, Fearless Prayer. Fearless Prayer helps the reader identify fearful places within them, shows them how to distinguish the moments when they approach God filled with doubt, and goes on to teach the reader how to pray fearlessly. Sheronda is currently working as a life empowerment coach to encourage women and teens ages 14-18 to define their goals in life, eliminate any negative mindsets that may hinder their desire to grow, and learn the necessary skills to lead a focused and passion-driven life.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                   fearless prayer

Sheronda has written two books, "Fearless Prayer" is an empowering, short book filled with encouraging words and techniques for those who are ready to release fear and to pray with boldness. The author wrote this with the intention to create an increase of confidence that will be realized at the completion of this read: confidence for striving towards goals and dreams, and even for living daily life.

While reading this book, the reader will encounter exercises that will cause them to explore the areas of fear that may be inside of them, identify the moments when they pray fearfully, and engage in fearless prayer. Have you ever found yourself feeling uncertain that the things you pray for will not come to pass? Then this book is for you! Readers will experience a newfound hope and security in knowing everything will work out, as well as new depths in their relationship with God. No one will walk away from this book the same!

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