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Janine Hernandez

Seeing The World Through Janine's Eyes...


Women On The Rise with Host Celeste Duckworth and featuring CEO/Author Janine Hernandez of Phoenix Arizona. Janine is a young woman who grew up in a loving family with a mother who owned several businesses that empowered Janine at a very young age with the thought that she could achieve her dreams. She is also the Author of, "Through My Eyes!" Through hard-work, several challenges and making sacrifices Janine has become a successful entrepreneur, author, and mother.  The mission of Purpose Driven Initiatives is   to be the light that helps develop your purpose in life and their vision  is to be the catalyst that the pushes you to your destination

Lisa Hatfield is Inspired by Inspiration!



Inspired by the Inspirational!


Growing up in rural Kansas, LR Hatfield could often be found reading VC Andrews' books, or pulling a Nancy Drew or Hardy boys mystery from her bookshelf. Watching her grandma read Harlequin Romances and her parents read Louis L'amour book. She even picked a few of those stories up and read them.  After having her first child she obtained her bachelor's degree in Business Management from the University of Phoenix. Shortly after finishing her degree, she had two more children. 

In addition to being an author, LR Hatfield is employed with a non-profit organization that is focused on the care of the elderly, but she holds onto the dream of a full-time career writing novels. Recently she started a spiritual business, Angel Signs 111. This business assists with guiding individuals to their dreams through angel card readings and angel interpretations.

The most recent book LR Hatfield has published is Diamond Murders. A murder mystery in which the main character, Daisy attempts to rebuild herself and her business after becoming homeless. Gavin, a police officer, investigating a murder outside of Daisy's tent, discovers Daisy has diamonds. He advises her to use the diamonds to start over. As Daisy rebuilds her life, there are murders and diamonds are burned in the bodies. Secrets and lies become revealed about the people Daisy loves, including her own mother.

Katherine Waddell's Elephant in the Room



There's an Elephant in the Room!


If you missed "Women On The Rise" Program this past Wednesday you missed listening to two dynamic women; Katherine Waddell and Lisa Hatfield.  Katherine Waddell, started her career at This Needs To Be Said Media, Inc. in 2009. She transitioned to her company after exiting the school system deciding that her classroom would be the radio audience. She offers her clients a platform to market their business as a commentator through her training and coaching program. She has been called upon by her clients for accountability, business advice, and mentorship.

She is considered as one of the most influential media personalities in the Radio and Broadcasting business.   She is often called the next "Kathy Hughes" in the Communication industry, because of her determination and will to make her business thrive. Not only did Ms. Waddell not quit, but she grew her profitability by 125% percent. She works with national brands to bring awareness and recognition to her clients. She has launched the careers of new artist, authors, actors, coaches, and speakers using her expansive networks and expertise in radio and television.

Donya Zimmerman



Cover Your Ass...ets!


Donya Zimmerman is the principle owner of Family & Community Mediation and Business Consulting. Donya has over 15 years of experience as a legal professional. She was an attorney for over 10 years practicing in the following areas of law: family, bankruptcy, juvenile, business, foreclosures defense, and contract. Now she has decided to dedicate her career to assisting individuals with starting their own business, starting their own non-profit organization, and small businesses with reorganization and development growth.

As a business consultant, Donya assists individuals with business formation, ensuring their business is properly registered as a legal entity (Inc., LLC, S-Corp, etc.), and assist businesses with completing their certification (WOSB, MBE, DBE, etc.) to bid for government contracts. As a mediator, Donya provides mediation services to the public (individuals, businesses, churches, and community organizations) to resolve disputes in a safe and stress-free environment. Also, Donya assists churches and community organizations with setting up their own mediation programs.

Donya Zimmerman is also a contributing writer to the Maryland Daily Examiner Newspaper. Donya Zimmerman has made article contributions to the Simply Inspirational Women in Business Journal for 2014 published by Dr. Cheryl Cottle. Donya is also a public speaker and aspiring author. S he has a few books in the works that will be published and released in the latter part of 2015. The books will focus on entrepreneurship, small business, and daily devotionals.

Denise Pereira Santos: Mother and an Actress



Balancing Motherhood and Acting!


Hispanic Actress Denise Pereira was born and raised in Miami, Florida from parents of Ecuador and Colombia. After being cast in a local furniture commercial at 15, she discovered she had a true love for acting. While attending college for Special Education, she also registered for drama courses.

Denise, is a fluent Spanish speaker and has over 10 years of acting and modeling experience. She is also trained in improvisation and on-camera acting. Denise is best known as the female translator for SpanishDict.com. She did voice-over and videos translating over 5,000-word entries and phrases.

Denise has worked on several television shows, feature films, & independent films. She has also worked on various modeling projects. Most recently, she wrapped a project with Pur Minerals working on their Skin Care line.  A bit of my background...first and foremost I am a mother to three children (twin toddler boys, Luca/Sam & an 8-year-old daughter, Sophia) and wife to a loving husband of three years. I am Hispanic, fluent in Spanish with parents from Ecuador and Colombia, but born in Miami, FL.

My educational background is in the field of Special Education, where at the age of 18, I gained a passion for working with children with special needs in all capacities and age ranges. And still do it to this day, I am always contributing to the causes as much as I can. Today, however, I call myself an Actress by trade.

The Fear Whisperer Krylyn Peters



You can't get rid of fear but you can tame it!


With a passion for teaching, Krylyn began speaking to audiences in 2003 and routinely speaks on topics such as overcoming fear, using music, sound, and songwriting for healing, and self-care. She has spoken at events hosted by the American Counseling Association, Southwestern School for Behavioral Health Studies, Magellan Health Services of Arizona, Value Options of Arizona, Arizona Counselors Association, etc.

She has also been interviewed on multiple Blog Talk Radio shows and various podcasts. Krylyn is the founder and host of the "Creativity and Wellness Summit," an annual online event where she interviews experts in various disciplines on how they use creative methods to help people heal.

Through her own healing journey over the last 25+ years and the work she has done with clients, Krylyn discovered a lot about how to help others move past the barriers to happiness and success, including:

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