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Seeing Beyond Self-Doubt to Create the Life You Deserve...

I have been filled with self-doubt these past few months. Personal struggles, past struggles coming back to haunt me and what seems like an endless battle to effectively create positive change and forward movement in my life have consumed me. Feeling very inadequate, unworthy and incapable of change, I escaped to the only place I know at times like these: my journal.

Rather than lend my pen toward the things in my life that were burdening me, I decided I would only allow myself to write about positive things in my life; goals I had reached (no matter how small), all the times I kept on going when I wanted to give up, and times I stood up for myself when I would normally back down. To my surprise, the picture my words painted amidst so much turmoil was not one of sadness or despair. What unfolded before me was my story of overcoming-- of resilience. I still have a long way to go and although it is messy, it is a beautiful mess.

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