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When said out loud, "Fashion Week" has a double meaning — and for anyone who's ever been a part of all the action, feeling weak is not only par for the course, it's often the reason we love fashion to begin with. So, in honor of the moments of chaos, beauty, and excitement that made us feel weak, we present My Fashion Week-ness,a compilation of accounts from some of the industry's biggest players. They're spilling their most memorable stories from Fashion Weeks gone by and the ones that keep them coming back for more.

Chanel Iman is one of those models who was just born to do the job. Though her name pretty much says it all, we didn't really know it until her appearance on the Tyra Banks Show in 2007. After that, the model went on to cover Teen Vogue alongside Karlie Kloss and Ali Michael, star alongside Joan Smalls in a Beyoncé video, and the rest is history. It makes sense, then, that Iman knows fame like the back of her hand, and how to deal with its ups and downs.

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The last time you saw a group of models coming together for a common cause was probably for a selfie or to maybe board a yacht — which is all fancy and fun — but isn't it even more gratifying to see them use their followings to help other women feel good about themselves? Models Charli Howard and Clémentine Desseaux are here with the #IAmAllWoman campaign that is the answer to your calls for representation.

In an editorial that stands on its own (primarily because magazines only just started to feature women of all body shapes), the un-retouched campaign is a do-good project from a group of models whose aim is to normalize the idea that all bodies are created equal, and should be treated as such.

"Rather than photoshopping our bodies and our flaws, we've chosen to highlight and embrace them," Howard says in the official press release. "We may be models, but we all have cellulite, stretch marks, and other flaws that make us women (but which society teaches us to be ashamed of). This campaign is designed to unify women around the globe — proving that we are #AllWoman, regardless of how society and the media often makes us feel."

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