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You Tube Star Stella Rae Inspires Millennials



Inspires Millennials to Follow Their Intuition and Pursue Their Dreams - Without a College Degree


The millennial generation's office space looks less like the traditional 9-to-5 cubicle work places and more like flexible schedules from the comfort of their home. Less and less young adults feel the need to go to college, yet the millennial generation is thriving in new job markets, such as YouTube. Why is this so, and how are 18-year olds inspired to follow their dreams and pursue online careers, such as being a YouTuber full time? In an interview with Stella Rae, YouTuber, and social media influencer, we uncovered the drive that enables fresh high school graduates to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams.

Stella Rae is an 18-year-old beauty and lifestyle vlogger, living out her dreams of being a full-time YouTuber in Los Angeles. Sitting down for the interview, she smiles wholeheartedly and seems to radiate the exact same positive energy as in her videos. If you've seen any of her uploads, you know just how authentic she is and how her honesty shines through. She has absolutely nothing to hide, everything to share.

She tells us that she has been making videos since she was ten. "I could share my life and things I was interested in with the rest of the world. I got into makeup and fashion and then I turned vegan so my videos became more centered around that. So, it's really like a reflection of how I've changed and grown up."

Lauren Conrad Wore So Many Headbands On The Hills

Calling all Lauren Conrad fanatics: On Thursday, you'll be able to shop the reality star turned lifestyle blogger and fashion designer's sophomore LC Lauren Conrad Runway Collection for Kohl's. "I love designing a second collection, because you know so much more; it's great to see what customers responded to, and what they want more of. I learned that my customer really loves a moto jacket, so we brought it back in three colors." Conrad calls her second Runway designs "more elevated, with more luxe fabrics and more fashion-forward silhouettes; and moodier, deeper tones. The first collection was more bright, light, and ethereal." (The Runway line is pricier than her LC Lauren Conrad collection, also at Kohl's.)

Some of us who go way back with LC (via our TV screens, at least) — if you got acquainted during the mid-aughts Laguna Beach or The Hills years that made the SoCal teen famous — will remember there were some timely trends she wore that were enviably fresh AF back in, say, 2005. Conrad indulged us in a trip down memory lane in terms of her small screen fashion choices from back in the day: "There was a lot of camis. So, so many camis, and I wore a lot of shorter-than-capri-length denim — almost more of a pedal-pusher-length," Conrad said. "I'm really into cropped styles now, but I wore a lot of mid-calf denim. I definitely don't need that to make a comeback."

On the accessories front, "I wore way too many headbands; just way too many scarves and really thick bands," she said. "I recently found out that behind the scenes, [The Hills' producers] were trying to figure out how to get me to stop wearing headbands." The rationale for all the 'do accessorizing was quite pragmatic: "I was just always too late on getting my roots done, so I wore headbands to cover my roots up." So, did Gossip Girl's Blair Waldorf inspire LC's headband bender, potentially? "No, I was wearing headbands before her," Conrad explained with a laugh. As for other accessories worn on repeat, "I wore tons of hobo bags, too; I still love a hobo, but a more updated version," Conrad said. "Let's just say I emotionally blocked a lot out," she added.

Conrad's latest designs range from $44 to $150, and the pieces will be available in sizes XS to XL and 0 to 16. She won't be trotting them out at NYFW, though. This time around, she's having a pop-up store at The Americana at Brand shopping center in Glendale, CA. from September 8 to 15, instead. (The full collection will be available online, as well.)

But showing at Fashion Week was, unsurprisingly, total bucket list material. "I can't believe Kohl's even let me do that! It was such a gift. I'll never forget the experience — it's just a once in a lifetime opportunity," Conrad recalled. It was a lot of work, but it was fun. I was so nervous. My heart was racing, I was so stressed; it's a big deal to put yourself out there like that." How did Conrad calm herself down? "I didn't! I mean, maybe with Champagne." And, yes, Conrad has spotted people wearing her designs: "The ultimate compliment — I freak out anytime it happens." (She doesn't, however, go over and say anything to her customers when she spots her designs in the wild.)

Click through to check out all of Conrad's latest designs. Now, excuse us while we dig out our scarf headbands and calf-skimming jeans for old time's sake.

Chanel Iman Versus Hawaiian Mosquitoes, A Battle

When said out loud, "Fashion Week" has a double meaning — and for anyone who's ever been a part of all the action, feeling weak is not only par for the course, it's often the reason we love fashion to begin with. So, in honor of the moments of chaos, beauty, and excitement that made us feel weak, we present My Fashion Week-ness,a compilation of accounts from some of the industry's biggest players. They're spilling their most memorable stories from Fashion Weeks gone by and the ones that keep them coming back for more.

Chanel Iman is one of those models who was just born to do the job. Though her name pretty much says it all, we didn't really know it until her appearance on the Tyra Banks Show in 2007. After that, the model went on to cover Teen Vogue alongside Karlie Kloss and Ali Michael, star alongside Joan Smalls in a Beyoncé video, and the rest is history. It makes sense, then, that Iman knows fame like the back of her hand, and how to deal with its ups and downs.

For example, last year, the model went on a vacation to Hawaii and suffered a pretty gnarly round of bug bites. Like clockwork, the worst side of the internet was there to document and discuss her misfortune. A quick search of "Chanel Iman Hawaii" on Google brings up pages of sneaky images of the model's backside, which, put plainly, royally sucks, especially because outlets that covered the paparazzi photos only did it for the clicks. We chatted with Iman at the launch event of W Hotel Dubai, and the model gave us the scoop on what really went down.

"My best friend and I are adventurous, but she's extremely adventurous, and we were going on a hike and were in our bathing suits. And [bugs] always eat me alive, but I guess we were trying to go a hidden route, and I ran into a mosquito nest. And that's how I got bitten up on my butt." And then... It was Fashion Week.

"It got better. But hey, this year, my butt is clear, my legs, my thighs — everything's good. It was everywhere last summer! It was crazy. Nobody asked me how my vacation was [this season], they just wanted to see my back legs. They were like, 'Oh my God, your bug bites! They were horrible,' and I was like, 'Well, this year we're good.'" There you have it, folks. Now, let's put this one to rest.

505549 origLegacy is about life and living. It's about learning from the past, living in the present, and building for the future and Christopher King, grandson of the Legendary Blues Artist B. B. King has a passion for helping people in what they wear giving them a formula for a stellar image.   Christopher stopped by to do a Live Interview with us on VERTIKAL LIVE Radio and left us some knowledge on creating your own brand, being true to your passion and the importance of moving a legacy forward. 

KING - Legacy to the King Empire has hosted or Booked Appearances in fashion events featuring Designers such as   Ralph Lauren Polo, and Local Designers such as Lujeanik, Bella Fashions, Higher Hustle, DivaFit Boutique, Be Boutique, Majestic Plus for the Local Tampa Bay Area and Hosted or Appeared in NY Fashion Week, Atlanta Fashion Week, Mulan and LA.

He has been published over 17 times in magazines across the country and a host of radio interviews and Blog appearances. King is the Hot Topic of Tampa Fashion and with his up coming role in Feature Film Room 236, filmed in Orlando he is sure to rock the screen.  He thrives in guest speaking, hosting and education the man and woman on mannerisms and proper attire and how to as they say keep in tune with the times and bring the Back from way back to high fashion and couture looks. KING is a true Gentleman and educating young men and women on the proper ethics behind being a Gentleman and a true Lady of Elegance.

Known for his Bold Blazer ensembles we guarantee he will lock the attention of your crowd and inspire greatness from all in attendance. As the Founder of The Gentlemen's Course educating youth how how to become gentlemen and ladies on "A Lady" and The Annual Gentlemen's Ball set for Feb 13 2016 in Clearwater Fl at the Luxurios Fort Harrison Resort Hotel.

Continuing the legacy of his legendary grandfather, the late, great Blues Legend B.B. King, Christopher King is introducing, 'The KING Collection' Brand into the fashion world. Christopher King began in business managing successful artists such as Jacky Christy, Field Mob, and Jeremy Mincey of Dallas Cowboys to name a few as CEO of La'Roc Management Group. Since image was an essential part of his artist management formula, King decided to branch out into the world of fashion. He created his own image in a men's custom bowtie line, through partnership with Complete Bowties. The unique element about the line is you can design bowties to your own personal taste, choosing between vast arrays of solid colors to patterns, centerpieces, even down to the shape of the bowtie. The Exotic Line of Wooden Bowties Featured as the KING Collection by Complete Bow Ties allows King's style to reach all generations. The KING Collection can be ordered online.

Christopher King has a passion for helping people in what they wear by giving a formula for a stellar image. In the words of Deion Sanders, "If you look good, you feel good. If you feel good, you play good. And if you play good, they pay good." The KING Brand is embarking on a national tour beginning August 15th to give young men and women new ideas on how to be classic in their dress. The KING Brand believes that when you change the mindset of young people, you will begin to see them dress cleaner.   A'SPE Magazine highlights KING The Brand because we are deeply embedded in promoting a classic image. Not only do they have custom KING Collection Bowties, but compliment the image with premium cigars called, "The Real King Cigar." KING Cigars, a Mild Bodied Cuban Cigar - featured is a Maduro and Connecticut available in Torpedo, Churchill and Robusto cuts. The Brand has a bright future and a purpose in the fashion industry.






 Christopher King Social Media - King The Brand at Facebook - Twitter @TheKingTheBrand - King Collection  - IG: @KingTheBrand

bankuBorn in Lagos, Nigeria, CEO and creative director, Banke Kuku moved to the United Kingdom at eight years old whereby she gained an understanding of Western Culture. This cultural fusion of the African and Western world heavily influences Banke's bold patterns, resulting in statement prints with captivating impact. Awarded with the title 'Queen of Colour' by Creative Director at Jasmine Di Milo, her prints have also been described as 'exquisite pieces of art' by one of the world's most influential trend forecasters, Lidewij Edelkoort.

Since graduating from Central St Martins College and Chelsea College of Art and Design, Banke Kuku Textiles has been turning heads in the design world with loud, vibrant and undeniably playful prints. The company has created intrepid fabric designs for renowned fashion houses including Duro Olowu, Jewel by Lisa, Virgos Lounge and Lot78 that have been worn by the likes of Michelle Obama, Kelis and Catt Sadler.

Now with an extensive experience in the textiles industry Banke Kuku Textiles explores the reinvention of cultural traditions and their techniques through interiors which has resulted in a unique, vibrant and modern aesthetic to the brand. Attracting fans such as Franca Sozzani Chief Editor of Vogue Italia.

Banke Kuku Textiles' first interiors range has been found nestled in Selfridges London and is set to follow in the successful footsteps of her recent fabric designs that have graced the catwalks of London, Paris and New York.



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