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There's a special set of style "rules" that all busty girls already know. You might not necessarily chat about them all the time, but you're aware of which things to avoid and which you lean on heavily when it comes to shopping. These guidelines stand out as much as the first time you spent an entire day subtly slouching to keep a gaping shirt button closed, or casually hiking up the strap of an obviously too-small bra. But, here's the thing about rules: We're fans of breaking them.

Keeping some of those old tropes in mind, we've written a new script for styling when you've got big boobs — one that takes into account that not every chesty lady likes to remind others where her eyes are, and some of us aren't even remotely interested in the term "minimizer." Instead, we've broken down the nine most common gripes and some solutions to face them, head (and chest) on.

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This Madame Figaro France spread is perfect inspiration for when you're in the mood to incorporate some luxe furry details to your casual or weekend looks. It's not always easy to pull off, so we're definitely taking notes. Mix a furry statement piece with some classic denim, a pair of cool sneakers and you're set!

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