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How To Dress When You've Got Big Boobs

There's a special set of style "rules" that all busty girls already know. You might not necessarily chat about them all the time, but you're aware of which things to avoid and which you lean on heavily when it comes to shopping. These guidelines stand out as much as the first time you spent an entire day subtly slouching to keep a gaping shirt button closed, or casually hiking up the strap of an obviously too-small bra. But, here's the thing about rules: We're fans of breaking them.

Keeping some of those old tropes in mind, we've written a new script for styling when you've got big boobs — one that takes into account that not every chesty lady likes to remind others where her eyes are, and some of us aren't even remotely interested in the term "minimizer." Instead, we've broken down the nine most common gripes and some solutions to face them, head (and chest) on.

Under-$20 Makeup The Pros Actually Swear By

The gap between mass and prestige beauty products has never been so small. In fact, it seems that nearly every day a top celebrity makeup artist reveals a few more tried-and-true bargain buys, from Kerry Washington's go-to artist to the man behind some of Kim Kardashian's signature looks. (Fret not, they're all ahead.)

It makes sense. Hit up your local drugstore and you'll find long-wear matte lipstick, highlighters with subtle shimmer, and brow colors that actually look natural — which was relatively unheard of just a few years ago.

If you read R29's beauty section regularly, you know we're committed to reporting on the best of the best at the drugstore, because although there are wonderful products to find at your local CVS or Walgreens, there are still a lot of subpar ones hanging out in the aisle alongside them. Translation: You can get really good stuff, but you still need to know what you're looking for.

Don't worry, because we've tapped the top Hollywood red carpet makeup artists for the affordable products that have passed their (very discerning) tests. Ahead, we've rounded up these pro recommendations into one massive, insanely useful slideshow that highlights everything you could ever need, all available in the cosmetic aisle of your local drugstore. Let the one-stop shopping commence!

5 Life-Changing Makeup Tricks From The King Of Transformative Beauty

Ever wondered where contoured cheeks, overdrawn lips, and highlighter got their start? Well, you can thank the late makeup artist Kevyn Aucoin for bringing these techniques to the forefront. In fact, you can probably credit him for the vast majority of viral trends seen on social media and the red carpet today.

If you're unfamiliar with his work, know this: Aucoin changed the face of beauty. He worked with some of the biggest names in fashion — from Cindy Crawford to Kate Moss — and was known for his unrivaled makeup magic and soft touch. But, unlike the exclusive makeup-artist set that ruled the industry in the '90s, he wanted everyone to be in on the secret.

"Kevyn was one of the first makeup artists to pull the curtain back and allow people to see inside this fantasy world of beauty pop culture," says Troy Surratt, a makeup artist in New York City who got his start as Aucoin's assistant.

And though he passed away in 2002, his work lives on — both through his eponymous makeup line, many tutorial-based books, and the upcoming documentary centered around his influence, titled Larger Than Life, The Kevyn Aucoin Story.

Below, Surratt takes us through the trends Aucoin pioneered decades ago, that will remain industry-defining for years to come.

The 5 Coolest Hair & Makeup Trends You'll Be Wearing Soon

Could it be that the reign of no-makeup makeup is coming to an end? We don't want to jinx it, but judging by the spring 2017 runways, most signs point to 'yes.' Backstage, the pros got creative with gloss, went wild on the nails, and even painted makeup on ears.

We were into all of it (well, maybe not that Hood by Air x PornHub collab...), but five trends really got our attention. Pastels on steroids, red lips reinvented, easy accessories, non-gothic black, and half-up hair. They're a far cry from unbrushed bedhead and bare skin, but they're still completely wearable — so the best of both worlds.

And can we just say, it feels damn good to have some color and glitter and barrettes in our lives again? Ahead, find the hair and makeup we'll be wearing tomorrow through 2017. Whether you're an EDC raver, a moody minimalist, or a total girly-girl, you'll find yourself in one of these five looks.

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