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Can changing the current immigration policy advance the National Interests? Here are some suggestions and valid points of how this can be achieved.

Buy A House:  Give a ten year visa to any qualified immigrant who buys a house or condo in the U.S. and keeps it for five years.  1. EB-5 program – International investor puts up $500,000 for starting a business that hires ten people for three years and he gets a green card.  2. HR-1 law gives 22 month visa to any international graduate student who stays here instead of going back home and gets a job in his field here.

The U.S. housing meltdown has put stress on nearly every American – especially the American middle class which has lost about $10 trillion in home equity value virtually gutting their entire savings. The economic weakness and high unemployment are twin disasters that are joined at the hip. Get house prices going up and it will solve the economic weakness and unemployment problem fast. Canada created more jobs last month than the U.S. and its population is only about the size of California. Millions of Americans still have jobs but their incomes have gone in half or more, lawyers, CPAs, insurance agents, car dealers, real estate agent brokers, bankers, architects, financial advisors, small businesses, etc.

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