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Sep 18 Written by  B. Anderson

Wisconsin-based non-profit, Doyenne Group, will be supporting businesses owned by women and minorities with a newly-created fund, the Evergreen Fund. The fund already has $1.2 million to invest in Wisconsin businesses owned by women and people of color.

Donations from the city of Madison and from corporations have enabled the Evergreen Fund to accumulate $1.2 million to support businesses in the state that are owned by women and minorities. Money from the fund will be used for grants, loans, and angel investments.

The fund's co-founder, Heather Wentler, explained that businesses owned by women and minorities need help with funding because they are often not taken seriously. This does not mean these businesses are any less qualified than those owned by mainstream entrepreneurs. It means these businesses often need a boost in order to level the playing field when it comes to asking for an investment.

Applications for grants will begin in the Fall.

Read more by visiting www.wpr.org/wisconsin-grant-looks-boost-businesses-run-women-and-minorities

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