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Written by  Dan Moss

Can changing the current immigration policy advance the National Interests? Here are some suggestions and valid points of how this can be achieved.

Buy A House:  Give a ten year visa to any qualified immigrant who buys a house or condo in the U.S. and keeps it for five years.  1. EB-5 program – International investor puts up $500,000 for starting a business that hires ten people for three years and he gets a green card.  2. HR-1 law gives 22 month visa to any international graduate student who stays here instead of going back home and gets a job in his field here.

The U.S. housing meltdown has put stress on nearly every American – especially the American middle class which has lost about $10 trillion in home equity value virtually gutting their entire savings. The economic weakness and high unemployment are twin disasters that are joined at the hip. Get house prices going up and it will solve the economic weakness and unemployment problem fast. Canada created more jobs last month than the U.S. and its population is only about the size of California. Millions of Americans still have jobs but their incomes have gone in half or more, lawyers, CPAs, insurance agents, car dealers, real estate agent brokers, bankers, architects, financial advisors, small businesses, etc.

Every house that is sold creates one job as it ripples through the economy. New construction is the fastest way to create jobs there is. Building and selling houses touches nearly every industry stimulating a broad economic recovery employing large numbers of people from laborers to lawyers. These new homebuyers will not only buy houses but they will need cards, furniture, insurance, and phones, legal and banking services. Canada took in thousands of wealthy Chinese immigrants after the takeover of Hong Kong and they sparked a property boom there. This would help solve the illegal immigration problem for those already here by providing a fast path to legal status that can help our economy by buying a house. The resulting upswing in house prices would bring Americans who have been renting until house prices "bottom out? Into the market to buy.

  • Social Security: it would help solve the frightening demographics trends in the U.S. since the average immigrant is thirty three years old and will be contributing to Social Security and Medicare for years, just when the baby boomers leave the workforce and start drawing Social Security.  Increased Retail Sales: A house prices go up, consumer confidence improves since the homeowners feel wealthier and so economic studies show that they spend more oney driving the economy up across all industries. Retail sales would increase across the board.   U.S. Revenues: U.S. Government revenues would go up because of the new economic growth and enhanced tax collections because of sharp economic growth.
  • Office VacanciesVacancies in office buildings would be reduced as law firms, CPA firms, and insurance firms, bank etc. start hiring again and expanding. Private Market Solutions:  The awful meltdown in municipal revenues causing credit downgrades, lay-offs and reduced public services could be reversed. This is a private market solution involving no government money except to screen the people coming in and issue the visas. Eliminate Wasteful Programs:All the costly and wasteful programs put in place to help the housing market and beleaguered mortgage borrowers could be eliminated. Banks, FNMA, Freddie Mac could sell their huge and growing supplies of vacant homes at better prices improving their balance sheets and getting tax payer money back instead of constantly going out.

    Implement New Credit for Small Businesses: Small businesses everywhere say that their number one problem is lack of customers. They need more business much worse than they need more credit. This would increase their businesses. Quick and easy to implement – no new departments or bureaucracies need to be formed. No government money is needed.  Creating Jobs:  It will free up dead funds that Americans and banks have tied up in real estate that they can then use to invest elsewhere – creating jobs or to pay off debts thereby strengthening balance sheets.

    Reduction in Crime Rate:  The crime rate would go down. Vacant buildings attract vandalism, drugs and other criminal activity. Fully occupied neighborhoods and commercial properties are safer.  in Donations: Charities, churches, universities and other non-profits would see an increase in donations with economic upswing, thereby improving large areas of the economy.

    Positive Social Implications:  The stress on families caused by the housing meltdown and unemployment caused increased divorces, family breakdown and even suicides. This would be reversed and bring about more stability.  U.S. Credit Rating Restored: America would be taken off the financial sick list and our credit rating would be restored. The dollar would start going up and foreign investment would be attracted because of the new economic growth here.
  • Household Wealth:  It is estimated that $16.4 trillion in household wealth disappeared in the 2008 bust. Foreclosures are at an all time high. One in four remaining homeowner are prepared to walk away from their homes because they are worth less than they prepared to walk away from their homes because they are worth less than they owe on them. House prices have dropped fifty seven months in a row. Dr. Robert Shiller, professor of Housing Economics at Yale, said our house prices could drop another 25% in the next five years. Forty-eight percent of Americans foresee a second great depression. Banks will need another bailout in the trillions if Prof. Shiller is right. A strong national defense depends on a strong economy.

    The bleeding of America must stop and relief needs to go the root of the economic problem – where the bust began – the housing market. We have the worst possible form of deflation where everything we own – dollars, real estate and stocks are going down but everything we have to buy food, gasoline and insurance etc. is going up. Bring in four to five millions wealthy and affluent immigrants to be those buyers we so desperately need. They will come and they will buy. All we have to do is give them a visa.

    We are one of the few nations on earth that can pull this off because people all over the world want to live here and our country is already so diverse. Many international investors already have family here.  Electric Orange℠ from ING DIRECT USA. Make money while you pay your bills.

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