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CS Duckworth

CS Duckworth

Celeste S. Duckworth is the Publisher of VertiKal MagaZine and the CEO/Co-Founder of the, Women On The Rise Program featured on VertiKal Bistro Radio, where women give real-talk about the Challenges, Successes, and give Valuable advice about their businesses or about pursuing their passions.

A very prolific writer with six published poems and two books, "It's You," a collection of Love Poems, and "The Lucy Project," a Science Fiction Thriller that takes place in the near future. One poem, "An Oasis in the Desert," has been published on the Maryvale Community Pool House in Phoenix, Arizona.

Born and raised in California she loves to travel and has lived abroad in Ireland for a few years. Asked where she gets her inspiration to write she said, "Sometimes it could be a conversation, something I see or just meditating. The poems or the stories just come, and it helps to have a vivid imagination!'

Website URL: Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


I just want to say my name is Emmanuel Jal. And I come from a long way. I've been telling a story that has been so painful for me. It's been a tough journey for me, traveling the world, telling my story in form of a book. And also telling it like now. And also, the easiest one was when I was doing it in form of a music.

So I have branded myself as a war child. I'm doing this because of an old lady in my village now, who has lost her children. There is no newspaper to cover her pain, and what she wants to change in this society. And I'm doing it for a young man who wants to create a change and has no way to project his voice because he can't write. Or there is no Internet, like Facebook, MySpace, YouTube, for them to talk.

Also, one thing that kept me pushing this story, this painful stories out, the dreams I have, sometimes, is like the voices of the dead, that I have seen would tell me, "Don't give up. Keep on going." Because sometimes I feel like stopping and not doing it because I didn't know what I was putting myself into.

Well, I was born in the most difficult time when my country was at war. I saw my village burned down. The world that meant a lot to me, I saw it vanish in my face. I saw my aunt in rape when I was only five. My mother was claimed by the war. My brothers and sisters were scattered. And up to now, me and my father were detached and I still have issues with him. Seeing people die every day, my mother crying, it's like I was raised in a violence. And that made me call myself a war child.

And not only that, when I was eight I became a child soldier.

I didn't know what was the war for. But one thing I knew was an image that I saw that stuck in my head. When I went to the training camp I say, "I want to kill as many Muslims, and as many Arabs, as possible." The training wasn't easy, but that was the driving force because I wanted to revenge for my family. I wanted to revenge for my village.
Luckily now things have changed because I came to discover the truth. What was actually killing us wasn't the Muslims, wasn't the Arabs. It was somebody sitting somewhere manipulating the system, and using religion to get what they want to get out of us, which is the oil, the diamond, the gold and the land. So realizing the truth gave me a position to choose: should I continue to hate, or let it go?

The House that the World Built!


The Caribbean sea and snow make Santa Marta a difficult place to forget. The city is located on the shores of the Bay of Santa Marta on the Caribbean Sea, in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada, whose peaks can be seen on clear days from the beach. The capital of the department of Magdalena, which was founded in 1525, is one of the oldest cities in South America, but if you are looking to go off the beaten path just a little further up the coast you will find Rio Ancho, where Rebekah Nicholson is living her dream to build Casa Brujula.

Casa Brujula (or Compass House) is a project that has years in the making. Rebekah was looking for a way to combine my love of travel with a way to earn an income and inspire people. After a long grueling year of working double overtime to pay off college, she decided to take a backpack tour of Colombia South America, where she found magic on the Caribbean coast north of Santa Marta, miles of virgin sea shore to adventurous travelers.

With small Colombian towns rich with seafood, salsa, and natural untouched wilderness just steps away from the birthplace of the Andes, the Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta.  Four incredible months later Rebekah returned to the states to work again, this time to save for her dream of building and operating a small hostel on the coast of the department of the Guajira Colombia.


Seeing The World Through Janine's Eyes...


Women On The Rise with Host Celeste Duckworth and featuring CEO/Author Janine Hernandez of Phoenix Arizona. Janine is a young woman who grew up in a loving family with a mother who owned several businesses that empowered Janine at a very young age with the thought that she could achieve her dreams. She is also the Author of, "Through My Eyes!" Through hard-work, several challenges and making sacrifices Janine has become a successful entrepreneur, author, and mother.  The mission of Purpose Driven Initiatives is   to be the light that helps develop your purpose in life and their vision  is to be the catalyst that the pushes you to your destination

With streaming Television and platforms like Netflix and Hulu and new software coupled with the rate that technology is moving it's providing more opportunities for Indie Filmmakers to get their worked viewed.  Is this a game changer in the film industry?  Well, we had a chance to talk to Loudin Krueg and Aaron Ashby and ask them their thoughts on this new era.


Dirty Llama Film Crew is the brainchild of Loudin Krueg and aspires to be a company that makes professional grade films for local and commercial business as well as up and coming entertainment artists. We take pride in being hands-on during every stage of development because we want to make it a point that we care about the clients material as much as they do. To make it the most intimate and enjoyable experience we know it is necessary to show a level of business interest as well as moral understanding that allows DLFC and clients to maintain a friendship and a partnership.

  Vegas Pro 11

Our strict work ethics on and off the production plane will show by adhering to schedules, deadlines, and any other negotiated terms leading to nothing but success. Loudin D. Krueg, is CEO of Dirty Llama Film Crews and head visionary for future company goals. Appointed to oversee all productions start to finish as producer and director, he advises the crew creatively for all projects at every stage of development. He is currently concluding his education at The Film School at Scottsdale Community College.



Aaron Ashby left the comfort of his hometown in North Carolina to join the vibrant entertainment and arts community of Los Angeles.  During his first year at USC, Aaron and a team of other film students revamped the African American Cinema Society, a professional network committed to empowering students of color by connecting them with each other and the film industry. 


A product of his Afro-Asian heritage and his Latino-American schooling, Aaron celebrates cultural diversity in all its forms through service and storytelling.


After observing the troubling distance between USC students and the community outside campus gates, Ashby and his colleague Michael Chang created the Jukebox Art Collective, a culturally diverse, interdisciplinary team of artists dedicated to closing the gap between USC students and local artists and businesses in South Central LA.  Aaron has worked with LA Mayor Garcetti’s Entrepreneur-in-Residence, as a development intern at Bad Hat Harry Productions, and as a commercial director for TTI, a tech company in Taipei City, Taiwan. He is currently producing a pilot project for USC's Jaunt Cinematic Virtual Reality Lab.  


If you would like more information from Loudin Krueg or Aaron Ashby contact them at:   Loudin D. Krueg  -  Facebook Dirty Llama Film Crew,   and Aaron Ashby - At USCFacebook


Loudin KruegHear Interview at VERTIKAL Live Radio.









505549 origLegacy is about life and living. It's about learning from the past, living in the present, and building for the future and Christopher King, grandson of the Legendary Blues Artist B. B. King has a passion for helping people in what they wear giving them a formula for a stellar image.   Christopher stopped by to do a Live Interview with us on VERTIKAL LIVE Radio and left us some knowledge on creating your own brand, being true to your passion and the importance of moving a legacy forward. 

KING - Legacy to the King Empire has hosted or Booked Appearances in fashion events featuring Designers such as   Ralph Lauren Polo, and Local Designers such as Lujeanik, Bella Fashions, Higher Hustle, DivaFit Boutique, Be Boutique, Majestic Plus for the Local Tampa Bay Area and Hosted or Appeared in NY Fashion Week, Atlanta Fashion Week, Mulan and LA.

He has been published over 17 times in magazines across the country and a host of radio interviews and Blog appearances. King is the Hot Topic of Tampa Fashion and with his up coming role in Feature Film Room 236, filmed in Orlando he is sure to rock the screen.  He thrives in guest speaking, hosting and education the man and woman on mannerisms and proper attire and how to as they say keep in tune with the times and bring the Back from way back to high fashion and couture looks. KING is a true Gentleman and educating young men and women on the proper ethics behind being a Gentleman and a true Lady of Elegance.

Known for his Bold Blazer ensembles we guarantee he will lock the attention of your crowd and inspire greatness from all in attendance. As the Founder of The Gentlemen's Course educating youth how how to become gentlemen and ladies on "A Lady" and The Annual Gentlemen's Ball set for Feb 13 2016 in Clearwater Fl at the Luxurios Fort Harrison Resort Hotel.

Continuing the legacy of his legendary grandfather, the late, great Blues Legend B.B. King, Christopher King is introducing, 'The KING Collection' Brand into the fashion world. Christopher King began in business managing successful artists such as Jacky Christy, Field Mob, and Jeremy Mincey of Dallas Cowboys to name a few as CEO of La'Roc Management Group. Since image was an essential part of his artist management formula, King decided to branch out into the world of fashion. He created his own image in a men's custom bowtie line, through partnership with Complete Bowties. The unique element about the line is you can design bowties to your own personal taste, choosing between vast arrays of solid colors to patterns, centerpieces, even down to the shape of the bowtie. The Exotic Line of Wooden Bowties Featured as the KING Collection by Complete Bow Ties allows King's style to reach all generations. The KING Collection can be ordered online.

Christopher King has a passion for helping people in what they wear by giving a formula for a stellar image. In the words of Deion Sanders, "If you look good, you feel good. If you feel good, you play good. And if you play good, they pay good." The KING Brand is embarking on a national tour beginning August 15th to give young men and women new ideas on how to be classic in their dress. The KING Brand believes that when you change the mindset of young people, you will begin to see them dress cleaner.   A'SPE Magazine highlights KING The Brand because we are deeply embedded in promoting a classic image. Not only do they have custom KING Collection Bowties, but compliment the image with premium cigars called, "The Real King Cigar." KING Cigars, a Mild Bodied Cuban Cigar - featured is a Maduro and Connecticut available in Torpedo, Churchill and Robusto cuts. The Brand has a bright future and a purpose in the fashion industry.






 Christopher King Social Media - King The Brand at Facebook - Twitter @TheKingTheBrand - King Collection  - IG: @KingTheBrand

61LoAazujyL. UX250 Two marine biology students attempt to reopen a cursed oceanographic project off the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Annie Mitchell and her partner, Stewart Eddinger, get more than they bargain for when they find themselves haunted by intense impulses, hallucinations, and an intangible evil that seems to be the biblical Leviathan incarnate. As Annie and Stew continue their investigation into the heart of the mystery, they discover that they are being slowly consumed by an evil older than time, a horror that reaches from beyond a dark, haunted sea.- Synopsis for Dead Reckoning.

"I write because I believe in literature; I believe that the art of words is louder than sound, more colorful than paintings. My novels are written not because of the pursuit of money or even success, but in the FAITH that they exalt our experiences; that not only do they give us enjoyment to read them, but they are meant to open worlds that a reader may not ever imagine."


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