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Turkish Drama, The Magnificent Century, Is Now on Netflix

Turkish soap operas are a world-wide phenomenon, but none more so than drama about the life of the Ottoman Empire's most famous sultan, known in the west as Suleyman the Magnificent, who ruled from 1520 to 1566. Titled Muhteşem Yüzyıl, or The Magnificent Century, viewers from Pakistan to Peru, Croatia to China, have tuned in each week to watch the drama, romance, betrayal, and elaborate costumes.

Though the show has been available to watch with English subtitles on YouTube for years, it has never caught on in the United States, beyond a small group of Turkophiles. This might be about to change, however. This month, Netflix added the first season of the Magnificent Century to its streaming service in the United States.

Debbie Hess and Horror Hotel

Like scary movies? Remember the mystery and suspense of the Twilight Zone and Alfred Hitchcock! Always shockers but thought provoking! Well get ready for Horror Hotel created by Ricky Hess, this anthology series features horrific thriller tales inspired by The Twilight Zone and Alfred Hitchcock series.  Each episode of Horror Hotel has a completely novel story portrayed by different characters. The series was shot in Atlanta, and many talented young artists participated in its creation, including Tech students who worked on some of the episodes.  Debbie Hess, the executive producer of Horror Hotel, spoke with VertiKal Bistro about the making of this web series and gave some great insights into the future of Web Series and some valuable advice.

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