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Reality is Fantasy
“Destiny Beyond Your Wildest Dreams.” 

I am an avid reader of Fantasy and LeVaughn Erskine ranks just as favorably with my Fantasy Authors like David Eddings. Like most of my generation our love of Comic Books, Graphic Novels and the occasional Saturday Matinee at the $1.00 movie gave us the ability to transport ourselves to distant lands and experience the writer’s imagination.

Author CaricatureDana E. Donovan grew up in New England where folklore and superstitions can mold a town's history as much as its people. As a boy, he loved reading Sherlock Holmes mysteries and tales of adventure by Mark Twain. Later, he became a big Stephen King fan, and when he started writing his own mysteries, influences from all his literary heroes began echoing in his writings. In his blended style, Dana exploits small town phenomena, perpetuating the enigma of its people and the belief in all that dies is not dead.

The Marcella Witch's series revolves around five main characters whose lives thoroughly interconnect and evolve from book to book. There's witchcraft with paranormal suspense, and of course a mystery, usually a crime mystery. In that respect, I make sure that each book is a capable stand-alone, and that the reader gets a satisfactory resolve to the mystery bybook's end. Yet, it's the continuing back-story that makes the series what it is; the reader's
investment in the characters keeps them coming back for more. To date, there are 9 books in the series with number 10 on the way.

A Sultry Summer Read!

Beautiful Blackberries in thick clusters, shiny and wet and bursting with tiny pockets of juice, and when you put them in your mouth you taste their bitter sweetness in your mouth....bringing memories of the sweetness of summer...the bitterness of stories that become known!

Such as Ruth P. Watson's Novel, Blackberry Days of Summer!" The novel begins as "The Great War" is coming to an end. As Robert Parker's body is lowered into the grave, Herman Camm introduces himself to the mourning family. He is a beady-eyed, small-framed, well-dressed man with a mysterious stare—and he is about to drastically change the lives of three women: Mae Lou Parker; her daughter, Carrie; and Pearl Brown.  

While in Jefferson County, Virginia, trouble arrives when Carrie reveals a disturbing secret that will haunt and change their lives forever. Mae Lou is fed up with Herman spending time with other women and she goes to confront him.   Everybody wants a part of him, including Willie; however, the tables are slightly turned when Willie ends up with a gun pointing directly at him. All of the stories converge when Herman is found dead from a shotgun wound. 


A Deadly Focus!

After reading through the bio of Bob and Carol Bridgestock, VertiKal MagaZine Founder Norman Anderson said, "Is this a real Bio or is this part of a novel?" I responded, nope it's the real life Bio of Bob and Carol Bridgestock and many of their experiences which have come to us in the form of their passion for writing. Carol sent me their story and I thought it was best to give the whole story to you as is and listen to the radio program. They are an inspiring team and a great testament to there is a life after 40 that can be marvelous. Meet Bob and Carol Bridgestock! - Celeste S. Duckworth

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