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Will Hollywood Correct Their Message with The Princess Diaries 3?

 It has been confirmed: the script for the third movie of the sequel has been written! Meg Cabot, the author of The Princess Diaries book series, reported to Entertainment Weekly that the script exists. She added that if the movie does get made it would be a tribute to Garry Marshall the director of the first two movies who passed away in 2016. Cabot gave no further details other than that the movie would be slightly different from the book series remarking that she thinks of them as "two different universes."

After Love

After Love

Aug 28 Written by

 The Aftermath of Breakup...

The heart-rending French drama, After Love, by the director and co-writer Joachim Lafosse, brings its audience into a home of Marie (enacted by Berenice Bejo) and Boris (enacted by Cedric Khan) and their two angelic young daughters. The intimately painful familial situation arises from the devoted warmth coming to a halt after 15 years of love. Marie and Boris have separated but continue to live together due to financial problems. The film discusses how two parents unknot the situation while still taking care of each other – neither of them are portrayed as the 'good' or 'bad guy,' but both characters' tenderness is acknowledged, and after all, they do still care about each other and their daughters very much.

The film discusses how two parents unknot the situation while still taking care of each other – neither of them are portrayed as the 'good' or 'bad guy,' but both characters' tenderness is acknowledged, and after all, they do still care about each other and their daughters very much. 

Turkish Drama, The Magnificent Century, Is Now on Netflix

Turkish soap operas are a world-wide phenomenon, but none more so than drama about the life of the Ottoman Empire's most famous sultan, known in the west as Suleyman the Magnificent, who ruled from 1520 to 1566. Titled Muhteşem Yüzyıl, or The Magnificent Century, viewers from Pakistan to Peru, Croatia to China, have tuned in each week to watch the drama, romance, betrayal, and elaborate costumes.

Though the show has been available to watch with English subtitles on YouTube for years, it has never caught on in the United States, beyond a small group of Turkophiles. This might be about to change, however. This month, Netflix added the first season of the Magnificent Century to its streaming service in the United States.

New Era of Filmmakers

With streaming Television and platforms like Netflix and Hulu and new software coupled with the rate that technology is moving it's providing more opportunities for Indie Filmmakers to get their worked viewed.  Is this a game changer in the film industry?  Well, we had a chance to talk to Loudin Krueg and Aaron Ashby and ask them their thoughts on this new era.


Dirty Llama Film Crew is the brainchild of Loudin Krueg and aspires to be a company that makes professional grade films for local and commercial business as well as up and coming entertainment artists. We take pride in being hands-on during every stage of development because we want to make it a point that we care about the clients material as much as they do. To make it the most intimate and enjoyable experience we know it is necessary to show a level of business interest as well as moral understanding that allows DLFC and clients to maintain a friendship and a partnership.

  Vegas Pro 11

Our strict work ethics on and off the production plane will show by adhering to schedules, deadlines, and any other negotiated terms leading to nothing but success. Loudin D. Krueg, is CEO of Dirty Llama Film Crews and head visionary for future company goals. Appointed to oversee all productions start to finish as producer and director, he advises the crew creatively for all projects at every stage of development. He is currently concluding his education at The Film School at Scottsdale Community College.



Aaron Ashby left the comfort of his hometown in North Carolina to join the vibrant entertainment and arts community of Los Angeles.  During his first year at USC, Aaron and a team of other film students revamped the African American Cinema Society, a professional network committed to empowering students of color by connecting them with each other and the film industry. 


A product of his Afro-Asian heritage and his Latino-American schooling, Aaron celebrates cultural diversity in all its forms through service and storytelling.


After observing the troubling distance between USC students and the community outside campus gates, Ashby and his colleague Michael Chang created the Jukebox Art Collective, a culturally diverse, interdisciplinary team of artists dedicated to closing the gap between USC students and local artists and businesses in South Central LA.  Aaron has worked with LA Mayor Garcetti’s Entrepreneur-in-Residence, as a development intern at Bad Hat Harry Productions, and as a commercial director for TTI, a tech company in Taipei City, Taiwan. He is currently producing a pilot project for USC's Jaunt Cinematic Virtual Reality Lab.  


If you would like more information from Loudin Krueg or Aaron Ashby contact them at:   Loudin D. Krueg  -  Facebook Dirty Llama Film Crew,   and Aaron Ashby - At USCFacebook


Loudin KruegHear Interview at VERTIKAL Live Radio.









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